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Tenuta San Pietro

Tenuta San Pietro - Orma Romea Monferrato Rosso DOC

Tenuta San Pietro - Orma Romea Monferrato Rosso DOC

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Intense ruby red color with aromas of cherry and blackberry, combined with soft herbaceous and spicy notes. A rich wine with a soft palate, well-rounded and balanced tannins, delicate and complex. Pairs beautifully with grilled red meats, game, and rich pastas with hearty ragu. 

Serving Temperature: 16°-18°C / 60°-64°F 


Made from the grapes of an ancient, native grapevine called Nibio - this unique wine offers a strong structure. Following a soft crushing, maceration takes place in stainless steel tanks for 15 days, using natural fermentation with no added yeasts. Malolactic fermentation and refinement in 2nd and 3nd fill barrique for 15 months. 

Organic certification in Process. 

Classification of Wine 

Monferrato Rosso DOC 

Varietal: 100% Nibio 

Vintage: 2008 

Vineyard Designation: Tassarolo, Piedmont 

Soil: Limestone, clay with a strong mineral content; 300m above sea level, south-western exposure 

Pruning: Traditional Guyot 

Yield: 4,000 Kg/ha 

ABV: 14% 

Winemaker: Claudio Icardi 


This Wine Is Vegan

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