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Hallcrest Vineyards

Hallcrest Vineyards Maverick Merlot - Temporarily Out of Stock

Hallcrest Vineyards Maverick Merlot - Temporarily Out of Stock

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Classification of Wine

Mendocino County

Varietal:  100% Merlot

Vintage: 2013

Vineyard Designation:  Organic

ABV: 14.1%

Sulfites:  > 10 mg/l No Added Sulfites, Non Filtered

Total Acidity: 5.3 gr/l


A blend from the Pura Vitis vineyard and The Redwood Valley vineyard located in Mendocino County.  October 6th, harvested ripe Merlot from the Redwood Valley vineyard in Mendocino County.  This portion of the blend contributed more of the fruit aromas.  The second portion of the blend came from the Pura Vitis Vineyard, where the grapes were slightly less ripe, contributed the more herbaceous floral aromas and flavors that accentuate the wine. Both lots were fermented separately, with twice daily gentle pump overs, gentle pressing, followed by malolactic fermentation.  Blending occurred in the month of December, with an accentuating oak application in March.

Tasting Notes

Each of the vineyards coming in at slightly different levels of ripeness allowing for a more balanced, complex final wine.  More traditional Merlot notes, with a nose of cranberry, boysenberry, cedar, geraniums, tea, and tobacco leafs.   This follows with a fruit forward entry of the same cranberry and boysenberry, followed by cedar, nutmeg, and vanilla notes, picking back up to a more tobacco leaf finish. The whole palate is accentuated by a herbaceous character and the dusty tannins that Merlot is know for.  Pair with holiday meals like ham, roasts, and brisket.  Also as an aperitif with both hard an soft cheese.

Serving Temperature: 20°C / 68°F


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