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Hallcrest Vineyards

Hallcrest Vineyards Clos de Jeannine: San Francisco Wine Chronicle Gold

Hallcrest Vineyards Clos de Jeannine: San Francisco Wine Chronicle Gold

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Classification of Wine

Sonoma County
Varietal: 41% Grenache, 35% Mourvèdre, 18% Syrah, 3% Zinfandel, 3% Barbera
Vintage: 2013
Vineyard Designation: Organic
ABV: 13.7%
Sulfites: mg/l
Total Acidity: gr/l


Since the first vintage in 1988, the Clos de Jeannine blend has been the longest running produced wine at Hallcrest Vineyards. Always made as a California blend, it is only produced in exceptional years that show not only complexity, but also age potential. While it is typically Syrah based from warmer growing regions, the 2012 took a different twist with the final blend being predominantly Grenache and Mourvèdre from a cooler area of Sonoma County. This year’s Clos de Jeannine fits more stylistically with our Pinot Noirs than it does with some of our bolder grape varietals.

Winemaker Tasting Notes

A bouquet of white chocolate, cumquats, mahogany, and boysenberry jam, with undertones of peppery smoke. The palate leads with light orange chocolate
before expressing sweet dark fruits and exotic oak spices. The finish comes back with softer Grenache notes of creamy
strawberry while the wine lingers with orange rind and red berries. A versatile food pairing blend. It can accentuate just about anything, from grilled or roasted meats and lamb, to a rich olive based vegetarian dish. A wine to decant and enjoy now or age..
Serving Temperature: 20°C / 68°F
Awards: San Francisco Chronicle Gold

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