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Casa Wallace

Casa Wallace - Dolcetto d'Ovada DOC 2008

Casa Wallace - Dolcetto d'Ovada DOC 2008

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Truly from the earth, this wine is full of rich undertones of soil and terroir. Bold and vibrant color, with outstanding fulfilling flavors of wild blackberries and raspberries. Perfect accompaniment to grilled ribs and BBQ beef skewers. Serving Temperature: 16-18C / 60-64F


Aged in oak barrels for 7-8 months. Self fermentation without the use of added yeast. Minimum added sulfites to stabilize and protect the wine.

Certified Organic and Biodynamic

Classification of Wine

Dolcetto d'Ovada DOC

Varietal: 100% Dolcetto

Vintage: 2008

Vineyard Designation: Cremolino, Alessandria, Piedmont

Soil: Sand, Silt & Clay Loam

Pruning: Guyot Yield: 5200 Kg/ha

ABV: 13%

Total Sulfites: 19 ppm, Volatile Acidity: .08 g/100ml

Winemaker: Claudio Cepollina


This Wine Is Vegan

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