The Importance of a Good Match

The Importance of a Good Match

Have you developed a taste for certain wines over others? It might not be the wine’s fault.


If some wines have come across as too heavy or too floral, or have an unpleasant aftertaste, a likely culprit is what you are consuming with the wine. 


Wine and food go hand in hand. They play off each other the way comedians and their audiences do. They can work together to elevate the experience of each other, or they can sour the whole evening. It can even be enough to turn someone off a particular wine for good. 


To avoid this disaster and to get the most out of your meal, think about the dynamics of pairing. If you are hosting a dinner or event, this is a crucial part of the food planning. 


And it’s not as simple as wine and cheese go together. They certainly do, but what kind of cheese will you be having? For example, the hard, rich cheeses pair well with heavier wines like Cabernet Sauvignon. And lighter cheeses go well with lighter wines, maybe a Riesling? Dark chocolate goes wonderfully with red wines like Syrah or Merlot. 


Whether you’re a home cook, a chef, or an event planner, we are always available to help you pair our wines with foods that will enhance the tastes of both. 


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