The Advocate and The Winemaker - A Perfect Family Farm in Montepulciano


The Most Wonderful Place on Earth, Montepulciano, Italy

There are a few lucky times in life when you feel truly at home. I have had the pleasure of feeling this more than my fair share, and never more than when visiting the Roberti Family in  Montepulciano, Italy. 

The Roberti's are part of an ancient Italian line of accomplished lawyers, doctors, statesmen, and now, winemakers. 

Saverio Roberti, is a revered lawyer from Rome where his pro bono work around his Campo Dei Fiori office earned him the love of locals. (He regularly receives bouquets to this day) His true love, however, was his farm home in Montepulciano where that his family bought as a ruin in the 1980's. The destroyed farm house as painstakingly converted into the family home over the past 30+ years and is surrounded by pristine farm land and stunning views of San Biagio, Montepulciano's remarkable renaissance church. While vacationing in Montepulciano Saverio and his family learned winemaking from the ground up, expanded their field holdings in the Vino Nobile DOCG region, and built a state of the art winemaking cantina for their new endeavor, Poggio San Gallo Farms and Agriturismo

Saverio's oldest daughter Olympia was taken by her father's new passion and began studying winemaking. Together they now operate one of the finest Vino Nobile di Montepulciano farms and have become a fixture in the small ancient city. 

If you ever visit Montepulciano, you must check out their farm and even stay with them at their agriturismo. It's a wonderful location just under the city, with expansive fields, a bird sanctuary on their lake, and all the grape picking, wine drinking, and olive oil making your happy little hands can handle. 


Check out the videis below for more info on the Robertis and buy a case of their incredible l'Attesa IGT Montepulciano on our site!

Here's a short video we made with Saverio and Olympia at their home farm in Montepulciano


For you Italian speakers out there, here's another video produced by the Roberti's with some more on their wonderful farm
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