Taste Better with a Clean Tongue

Your mouth is a temple, especially in terms of wine. It's where wine goes to live, to be enjoyed, and then, to die. Maximizing that short experience with the sweet grapey nectar of the gods should be as important as choosing a good bottle. 

We've know that essentially and flossing are the core essentials to a clean and healthy mouth, but they essentially leave out the tongue. Your tongue is the most important tool for enjoying wine and it gets DIRTY. This is where the Orabrush comes in. My resident hypochondriac, my younger sister, gave me one for Christmas and it has changed my tasting game entirely. 


What on Earth is this abomination?
The Orabrush.

Tastebuds are little layered nubs of cells that stick up from your tongue and they trap all kinds of bacteria in their crevices. That's where bad breath (Halitosis) flourishes. The Orabrush uses short silicon bristles to glide between the buds and loosen gunk, then scrapes it away. My first wine tasting after using it was vivid, like tasting in HD.

While neither I nor the Organic Cellar are involved with the Orabrush Company in any way, we can't help but endorse this little stick of genius. Your mouth and your significant other will thank you.


Oh, and they're free (plus shipping) at this link www.orabrush.com/free/




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