Producer Spotlight: Tenuta San Pietro

An ancient monestary at the apex of a huge amphitheater vineyard. The vineyards have been there perpetually since the 12th Century when the original monastery was built. Just inland from the sea it gets nice cool ocean breezes which help keep the grapes cool in the warm summer and keeps a refreshing acidity in the grapes. The vineyard layout currently coincides almost exactly with 18th century maps left by the franciscan monks. They also are quite unique in that they have some rows of 100+ year old pre-phylloxera (a wine plague) vines that are still in production. They use biodynamic and organic farming principals to encourage life in the vineyard. This allows for the healthiest possible ecosystem and, thus, healthiest grapes. They have also just completed a completely state of the art winemaking facility that allows them to have cleaner and more advanced equipment and lower sulfite use. 

Also, a majority of the staff on site are women. The only men are the Winemaker and Owner, all the agriculture is done by a team of really amazing ladies. They are incredibly scrupulous in their work. 

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