Producer Spotlight: Perrini

Vito and Mila Perrini with local kids

Vito and Mila Perrini Teaching Local Kids About Healthy Eating

Brother and sister duo Vito and Mila Perrini saved their failing family farm in the late 1990's. Generations of ancestors had toiled on the scorching hot lands that now surround their new state-of-the-art winemaking cantina in Castellaneta Marina, Apulia. While the region is chronically plagued by low average wages, low economic output, and some of the hottest weather in the country, the Perrinis are utterly excelling and they're bringing their community up with them. 

Vito has been awarded the Oscar Green Award, Italy's highest award for farmers, for innovative and responsible farming. His sister Mila is both a terrific artist and winemaker. Together they have won top awards across Europe and been noted as a top Salento and Primitivo producer by Robert Parker. Their farm is a laboratory for exploring what is possible in agriculture, from experimenting with flocks of grazing sheep as mobile fertilizers to extensive bee colonies for increased bud fertilization and healthy floral activity in the vineyard, the Perrini's are doing everything right. 

Vito Perrini with his Son

Vito Perrini With His Newborn Son, Stefano Maria Perrini

Alongside idyllic citrus trees, both trained and wild vines grow side by side while the southern sun beats down and ocean breeze cools the air. An optimal growing environment with some of the most foreward thinking agriculture in the business is matched by deft winemaking. Their entire wine focus is on native local grape varietals Primitivo (Zinfandel), Negroamaro, Fiano, Verdeca, all of which were used by Grecian settlers in pre-roman times. They have an intimate relationship with these aboriginal grape varietals that rings true through every gulp of their delicious vintages. 

Besides their exemplary farming and winemaking, the Perrinis have taken an active role in their community, inviting troupes of local school children to their farm to learn healthy eating, living, and to enjoy the outdoors. Their tasting room doubles as both a classroom and a trophy room for the mountains of recognition for their classic southern wines and unwaveringly responsible social and business practices. Their tireless efforts do not go unnoticed and while I was visiting them in June 2010 I witnessed the appreciation locals have for the Perrinis first hand. 

An Interview with Vito Perrini

This inspiring duo continue to make memorable impressions on wine lovers, food connoisseurs, and their local community alike. It is our pleasure to offer three of their wines in our portfolio as we believe they are a reflection of the beauty and magic of the Apulian province.

Find all three Perrini wines here.

Mila Bio Bianco - $12.00

Mila Bio Rosso - $12.00

Prymus - $22.00

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