Producer Spotlight: Mauro Droco

Mauro Droco decided to convert to organic agriculture after years of watching his father's and his own health deteriorate from chemical pesticides on their vineyard. Now, with his young family Mauro proactively manages his vineyard with the finest organic principles and is one of the only certified organic Barolo producers today. 

His Nebbiolo is exquisitely typical of the region, with full fruit flavor of black cherries and blackberries (both grow alongside the vines in his fields). The wine is perfectly balanced with excellent tannicity, acidity, and a notable finish. His small production levels suit his hands on winemaking style and outside of help from his young twin sons, no one but Mauro touches the wine until it is bottled and aged. He is a true artist and a reflection of generations Droco's who have produced wine in the Langhe region for centuries. 

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