Producer Spotlight: Giol

Giol is owned and managed entirely by Vittorio Carraro, an unceasingly enthusiastic man who moved from a very cushy life in Milan to fulfill his dream of managing the family wine company. Before Vittorio came to run Giol it's cellars were obsolete and ancient, their fields largely leased out to local farmers and there was a general lack of care for the company. His influence has completely revolutionized Giol and has given them some of the finest organic wines in the region. 

Vittorio set out to invest heavily in technology and winemaking skill, he hired some of the best young oenologists and completely revised the company mission. Now 10 years later Giol is the economic and social core of the small town of San Polo di Piave, where the central castle, clock tower, and city square are all operated by Giol.

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