Producer Spotlight: Aldo Clerico

Aldo is an interesting character. He grew up without any intention of becoming a farmer  like his father was and went into the business world where he found himself drawn back to the family tradition. He set out to learn Barolo making at some of the finest vineyards in Monforte where he worked for many years. His father was never a fine wine maker, just a grape farmer for other more commercial Barolo and Barbera winemakers, but when Aldo returned home he invested everything in converting their home and neighboring barn into a world class Barolo cellar. The results have been phenomenal. 

Aldo was married in summer 2011 where I was lucky enough to be a guest. Their farm is meticulously kept, it's over shadowed by a beautiful Monestary that's often immersed in fog, and the whole area gives off a wonderful vibe of legendary winemaking. Aldo also hunts for truffles in the local forests with his specially trained dogs. Barolo is world renowned for the very best truffles. 

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