Exporter Profile: Alessandro Costantini

Alessandro Costantini, Organic Cellar Italian Exporter, hard at work with his new employees

It takes great people with a lifetime of experience to source wines from a country like Italy. It's a country with more individual wine makers, regional wine denominations  dialects, and grape varietals in production than any other country in the world. Alessandro Costantini does it with style and grace.

Alessandro, founder of Wine O'Clock in Milan, is our man on the ground and most trusted advisor. His experience as head of marketing for Ruffino Wines in the 1990's and 2000's gave him access to a world of wine knowledge and connections that sets him leagues apart. Along with his wine-producer wife, Allegra, and legendary restauranteur couple Leopoldo Arlati and Francesca Pislor, Wine O'Clock has become a central force in the Italian wine export industry. 

Leopoldo, Francesca, Allegra, and Alessandro at the Wedding of Barolo Producer Aldo Clerico

The group's exceptional relations with winemakers across all regions of Italy is a huge benefit to The Organic Cellar and has allowed us access that large distributors could never imagine or maintain. Through Alessandro and his team, we are able to work directly with small single family vineyards that are virtually unknown outside of Italy. Through these connections we can offer genuinely produced organic, natural, and biodynamic wines at prices that freak the big guys out.

The wine industry is built on trust and after working with them for over 5 years we trust Alessandro and his team to source the absolute best wines at every price point in any style. They're just good people who know their country, its food, and its wines, and that's why we love them. 



Alessandros's Mastif, Asia


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