Drink Free! Drink Organic Wines!

Drink Free! Drink Organic Wines!

Drink Free. Drink Organic Wines.

Free of Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and In-organic Fertilizers.

Organic farmers do not use chemicals to kill weeds, insects or molds. Instead they farm the way our fore fathers did before big chemical companies started manufacturing extreme, harsh and systemic agricultural chemicals.

Instead they use ancient proven methods and systems to control naturally occurring problems. Growing legumes between the vines, supplies high levels of natural fertilizers such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash, along with essential micro nutrients.

These legumes also attract an army of good insects who consume bugs that are harmful to the vines and fruit.  This is called "Competitive Exclusion".

 Organic fertilizers such as these ploughed down legumes, have a natural adhesion to the soil particles which protects and restricts leaching and run off. Thus, protecting water courses and aquafers. These nutrients are also readily available to the plant roots and do not have to “Breakdown” over time, in order to be useable to the plant roots. Therefore, the plants receive nutrients quickly and far more efficiently, and at lower costs to the farmer and no damage to the environment!

 Organic and Bio-Dynamic farmers also use home remedy sprays for controlling mold and tough insects. By harvesting selective weeds, soaking or fermenting them in large drums of water, many natural sprays can be easily applied to the vines and clusters Theses natural compound sprays are totally harmless to humans, thus protecting the lives of farm workers and their families, versus the toxic and systemic conventional chemicals.

Did you know that a farm worker who developed Non-Hodgkin’s Leukemia, by using Round-Up was just awarded $73 Million in the US Courts? Monsanto, the manufacturer of Glyphosate Round-Up has lost this first trial, and now that this case has finally been exposed and awarded, there will be many, many more cases and suits coming forward.


 Life is short!!

Why expose your body to unnatural, harmful, and deadly chemicals? Remember, grape is one of the most heavily sprayed crops grown in the world. Scientific reports reveal that 33% of all chemicals sprayed on the vine and grape will be consumed thru the juice.

Organic Farmers use Mother Nature to work and produce the best foods for us. It is not more expensive, it is more effective!

Remember, Organic wine has to be made from the BEST Grapes!

With no chemical assistance in the field, NO Manipulation in the winery (a whole other Blog!), No Added Artificial Yeasts, No Nothing! Only Great farming and Great Wine Making!

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