Biodynamic Wines Demand World's Highest Prices... We've got 3 under $30!

Here's a fascinating article from Bloomberg Markets Magazine. The article explores Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, the the world's most expensive wine maker and Biodynamic property. The Burgundy Chateau is world renowned for astounding wine prices, low yields, and other worldly quality. Bottles fetch north of $15,000 and some older vintages can call for $1,000-$2,000 an OUNCE. 

All of the hysteria around Romanee-Conti stems from their quality; truthful expressions of terroir, obsessive grape selection, intentionally low yields, and stringent biodynamic farming principles simply make for the best wines. 

While not all of them fetch $15,000 per bottle, one thing that Biodynamic vineyards have in common is their strict approach to quality. Practices like horse-drawn plowing to protect root structure and soil composition, daily manual canopy management, scrupulous monitoring of weather, light, and insect influences, and clinical attention to winemaking are common among biodynamic producers. They are restricted from all chemical pesticides, extremely low sulfite use, and limited vineyard machinery, all in turn demand the highest level of professionalism and skills to make a consistent product. 


While they certainly can, biodynamic wines need-not break the bank! Here are three of our favorite Biodynamic wines for under $30. 

Tenuta San Pietro - Gavi DOCG - $16.00 

Our go-to spring wine. Remarkably pretty floral notes, fresh stone fruits, and light herbal airiness reflect the hot amphitheater vineyards of Tenuta San Pietro. Handmade by winemaker Claudio Icardi, this wine is a precious gem and a steal for just $16.00.  

Casa Wallace - Monferrato Rosso DOC 2009 - $24.00

Fermented using only naturally occuring yeasts in old oak, this wine is ripe with terroir. A beautiful melangé of gamey earthiness, ripe berries, and aromatic depth, this wine pairs beautifully with complex aged cheeses, and heavy meaty meals. This wine is a blast! 

Chateau Peybonhommes - Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux - $28.00

Hailing from Côtes de Blayes one of the most criminally underpriced regions of Bordeaux, this Cru Bourgeois has made a splash at every tasting we've shown it. While this vintage will easily age another 6-8 years, it's balanced acidity and rich tannins have become crowd favorites already winning both a Gold Medal at the Challenge International du Vin 2012 and a Silver Medal Mundus at Vini BioFach 2012

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